Replacement Nails

$5.00 - $7.00 Sold Out

Lost a nail? Wearing the nails so much the paint is chipping? Accidentally hit a charm off?

I offer replacement nails! You are only eligible if this is a set that has been made by me - I know it's weird for me to say that but I get weird requests! Also, you can decide if it would be worth it to get a new set altogether or replacement nails (depending on how many you need).

You will need to let me know the following:
Instagram Handle -
Nail Shape and Size for Replacement(s) -
Explain What Nail(s) You Need Replaced (you can also send me a pic) -

The processing time is 1-3 weeks, it really depends on if I have the charm you need for the nail you're replacing because if I don't I will need to order more of it to restock! I will DM you (leave the info above in the order notes please) the estimated time frame once I know since I'm always working on custom orders. I can only do a limited amount of replacements at a time!