Pokémon Surprise Sets | Claimable Drop

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Please include your Instagram handle in the check-out notes so that I contact you regarding the shape and sizes you need!

So that everyone gets a chance to customize the set they're interested in, my Pokémon release is a claimable drop! Meaning you can claim the set you're interested in and I will make it in your desired shape and size.

All other elements will be up to me as these are still surprise sets - meaning it's all artist choice :) all my sets are custom/bespoke so they are one of a kind and you will be the only one with them! Please let me know however if you cannot do any large charms and I will try to accommodate!

This drop may take up to 1-2 weeks to complete, I will send you a completed photo before sending them out via Instagram DM or email.

Sets will come with a nail prep kit like my ready-made sets that include 1 nail glue, 20 nail glue tabs, cuticle pusher, buffer, file, and alcohol cleansing wipe. These are as supplies last since they're complimentary!

Note: The best way to accurately measure your size is to order a sizing kit from me. Then you will have the exact nails I use to compare against your fingers, I am not responsible for incorrect sizing on your part. Although, even if something is a little too big or a little too small, they still tend to fit well enough to look good regardless!