Nekori Mini | Artist Choice Nails (Preorder)

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Similar to my Rainbow Baby set featuring a more “minimal” look but still my style. I will make the set in the same layout in regard to charm design. Just let me know what size and color in the checkout notes and if there's anything you really don't want lol. The accent nail will be up to me! My sets are charm heavy so treat them with care!

These can be made in medium almond, medium stiletto, medium coffin, short almond, and short oval!

You will need to know your size prior as I will make these within 1-2 weeks or so! Here's a general chart that can be followed as well.

Standard sizes -

XS - 3,6,5,7,9
S - 2,5,4,6,9
M - 1,5,4,6,8
L - 0,4,3,5,7

Comes with nail prep kit containing 1 liquid nail glue, 20 nail glue stickers, nail buffer, cuticle pusher, nail file, and alcohol cleansing wipe. Application instructions also included. You will also get freebies 💖