Nail Art Planner by Nekori Nails


I wanted to make something that was both cute but functional - so here we have my nail art planner! This will be perfect for anyone starting out to even experienced nail artists to keep track of designs. I usually freestyle my designs however I also wanted a way to keep track of colors or specific charms that I want to remember where I got them from ☺️💗

This product is a PDF file that can be used with GoodNotes (which is a free app too, yay!). You can use the file with any application that will work with a PDF also. For GoodNotes, all you have to do is import the PDF into the app and you’re good to go! I have three templates included with the file - one for a round/almond/stiletto style nail shape, the next coffin, and the last being blank so you can draw your own nail tip shapes as you like! The great thing about the app is that you can make copies of each template and they will all stay together in one journal for you to reference your designs. You can also import images to place onto your template for design references as needed. If you’re able to split screen on your tablet - you can also just drag and drop!

This is a digital product download, there is no physical item that will be shipped. Please note, I cannot refund you once the digital file is sent.

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